Balloon is a side-scroll adventure puzzle game with funny characters, tight controls and a 16-bit retro style. You play as Balloon, a treasure hunter that after a life of adventure was relaxing alongside his inseparable buddy Moonkey, and the last big treasure they found: The legendary treasure of the not so legendary pirate Graze Beard! Unfortunately for our heroes, a shady character also wanted the treasure for himself. Balloon's evil and jealous twin brother: Loon. Suddenly the not so arduously discovered treasure vanishes and our intrepid friends have no choice but to go after Loon and get back everything he took.
- Solid touch controls
- Several powers and skills
- 90+ stages through 6 worlds + secret stages
- 10+ incredible boss battles
- Spectacular 8-bit soundtrack
- Numerous easter eggs and references to 80's and 90's classic games
- 20 achievements to unlock
Demo version
- 5 Stages of the first world + Boss
- 5 Stages of the second world
Created entirely on Famitracker, this soundtrack pays homage to classics from the 80's and 90's with simple sounds but complex music. From Hip hop to Brazilian Funk, from Breakbeat to New Orleans Jazz, from Baroque Metal to Dubstep, these chiptunes are filled with nostalgia! And then something new!
Rodrigo Campos
Programming, Art and Design
André Colares